Return of the natives

Let it Grow is a joint campaign by three of Europe’s largest science engagement associations – the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), the European network of science centres and museums (Ecsite) and the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). Together we aim to help make our communities into havens for native species of animals, plants and all other forms of life – working ecosystems that will help protect our continent from biodiversity loss and invasive alien species.


Science Behind Left Spaces

The Let It Grow campaign is all about raising awareness about what people can do for local biodiversity. However, it is not just about awareness, but also about showing people what they can do to help biodiversity. One way of slightly relieving the pressure on local species is by creating ‘Left Spaces’. Left spaces are areas […]

International Day For Biodiversity a Worldwide Succes!

Last week Monday, 22 May, was the International Day for Biological Diversity and Let It Grow participants celebrated it all over the world. From Bangladesh to Brazil; EAZA, BGCI, Ecsite members and other institutions organised events and activities to celebrate the beauty of biodiversity. Families, schools, and even armadillos all joined in the fun. Below […]

Join the celebration!

The celebrations have started! Starting from today and carrying on throughout the weekend and even on to next week; participants of the Let It Grow campaign will be celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity, Monday 22 May. They will be hosting events all across the world! Today kicked off with Let It Grow on […]

Campaign participants