How to hold a BioBlitz

Involving visitors in certain activities is a very efficient and fun way to engage and educate them on various topics. A biodiversity measurement event, such as a BioBlitz, is a great example of this. it enables guests to interact with nature, learn from experts and also have a lot of fun.

These kind of activities fit perfectly within the scope of the campaign and participants are very much encouraged to hold one at their institutions this year. It is also a nice suggestion for an activity on 22 May, the International Day for Biological Diversity (for more activities inspiration, click here).

In the spring issue of Zooquaria, EAZA’s quarterly publication, two zoo educators from participating institutions have written about their experiences in holding a BioBlitz last year. Please read their fascinating stories here, and feel free to be inspired and to Let It Grow!


Photo courtesy of Zoological Society of East Anglia