Science Behind Left Spaces

The Let It Grow campaign is all about raising awareness about what people can do for local biodiversity. However, it is not just about awareness, but also about showing people what they can do to help biodiversity. One way of slightly relieving the pressure on local species is by creating ‘Left Spaces’. Left spaces are areas set aside to let native species of living things thrive – from window boxes and balconies through to public parks and unused community spaces, they form mini-ecosystems that provide a home for organisms both large and small.

This is not only effective in an urban setting, but also in areas dominated by agriculture. Large spaces of land dedicated to one crop can result in the loss and fragmentation of habitats,
leading in some cases to species decline, especially that of bees. However, adding flower patches to the surrounding areas, might help the bee population. A recent study has shown that sowing larger patches of flowers can increase bumblebee reproduction in areas surrounding farms. You can read more information about this research here. It is very encouraging to read that various biodiversity conservation strategies put into place are effective and that there is hope yet if we continue to Let It Grow!