let-it-grow-3-jaszbereny-zooWhat is a Bioblitz?

A Bioblitz gives a snapshot of the living things in a specified natural area; allowing the scientific community to learn more about the different species living together in the area: the biodiversity richness and health. During a Bioblitz, science communicators and biodiversity specialists, such as professional and amateur biologists, ecologists and naturalists, involve people in surveying local nature and discovering more about it. Bioblitz participants can help science by searching for local plants, birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, frogs, bats, spiders, lichens, fungi and algae in a well-defined natural area.

Why run a Bioblitz?

A Bioblitz is a great tool to engage people with science and help them understand how scientists work. Running one can empower your local community by creating an enjoyable learning opportunity and raise people’s awareness of local biodiversity. To run a successful Bioblitz and depending on what you want your participants to look out for, you need to collaborate with local experts who are willing to share their knowledge on biodiversity, including measuring and recording techniques. You may need an entomologist to recognize insects’ species or an ornithologist to identify birds, etc. These new partnerships could lead to other projects you may run in the future. Promoting the Bioblitz through local and social media can give you visibility and improve your public reputation. A Bioblitz is also an opportunity to encourage scientific progress and collect valuable data assessing the biodiversity of the sampled area. Above all, it’s great fun!

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