The Countdown Begins!

The Let It Grow campaign will launch at EAZA zoos and aquariums on Easter weekend (26 March).  If you are an EAZA member that wants to take part, now is the time to register for the campaign – we’ll add your institution to the campaign map on the home page, and feature you on the Let It Grow Facebook page.

Raising awareness of biodiversity in our communities is a great first step to engaging your public in activities to protect and measure native species. We’ll be adding resources and ideas for events as they become available, but for now the major milestones in the campaign will be:

  1. 26 March – the EAZA launch
  2. March – biodiversity awareness survey.  We’d like to find out how much your visitors and the local community know about biodiversity, and how this changes over the course of the campaign.  If your institution would be willing to take part please contact us!
  3. 22 May – Ecsite and BGCI will join the campaign.  22 May is World Biodiversity Day, and we’ll be aiming to run a pan-European biodiversity measurement at all participating zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens and science centres.  Collecting data is an important part of the campaign, and to make sure that the data is scientifically valid, we’ll be issuing an official set of guidelines and criteria soon.

What else can you expect?

We’ll be putting together more collateral materials over the next few weeks including a full press pack to help institutions to spread the story to local media and highlight their events.  We’ll also have some fundraising materials (remember, participants in the campaign can raise funds for local biodiversity projects – contact us to find out more), and posters, information panels and leaflets that will be arriving soon!

If you have already run activities around the theme of local biodiversity, we’d love to hear from you. We’re doing a survey of the effectiveness of existing projects, which you can join by contacting – and if you have any resources you’d like to share to the campaign, please get in touch!

Thanks for taking part!