This page has the latest information from the Let It Grow campaign, participating institutions, and partners. Stay tuned!

Science Behind Left Spaces

The Let It Grow campaign is all about raising awareness about what people can do for local biodiversity. However, it is not just about awareness, but also about showing people what they can do to help biodiversity. One way of slightly relieving the pressure on local species is by creating ‘Left Spaces’. Left spaces are areas […]

International Day For Biodiversity a Worldwide Succes!

Last week Monday, 22 May, was the International Day for Biological Diversity and Let It Grow participants celebrated it all over the world. From Bangladesh to Brazil; EAZA, BGCI, Ecsite members and other institutions organised events and activities to celebrate the beauty of biodiversity. Families, schools, and even armadillos all joined in the fun. Below […]

Join the celebration!

The celebrations have started! Starting from today and carrying on throughout the weekend and even on to next week; participants of the Let It Grow campaign will be celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity, Monday 22 May. They will be hosting events all across the world! Today kicked off with Let It Grow on […]

How to hold a BioBlitz

Involving visitors in certain activities is a very efficient and fun way to engage and educate them on various topics. A biodiversity measurement event, such as a BioBlitz, is a great example of this. it enables guests to interact with nature, learn from experts and also have a lot of fun. These kind of activities […]

Biodiversity Inspiration

As you might know, Monday, May 22 is the International Day for Biological Diversity. This day is a great moment promote biodiversity by organising special activities for visitors. This year we want to go big for the Let It Grow campaign! Over the past months we have encouraged participants to make plans for a biodiversity […]

Call to Action for Let It Grow!

The International Day for Biological Diversity will be celebrated on Monday, 22 May 2017. This day has been specially declared by the United Nations in order to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. It is also a great moment promote biodiversity and the Let It Grow campaign to your visitors and community. This year […]

Let It Grow Handbook Available!

We are happy to announce that a new campaign resource is online. Together, the three organising associations have created the Let It Grow campaign handbook. The handbook provides additional information for campaign participants. Besides providing background and general information on the campaign, it also provides an overview of the resources that members can find on the website, […]

Let It Grow Hits 200 Participants!

Hurrah! Another milestone for the Let It Grow campaign, we now have 200 participants! We are very excited to have this many zoos, botanic garden, science centres, and natural history museums joining us. We are also very happy that the campaign has branched out beyond Europe, now having participants in North and South America; Asia […]

World Wildlife Day

Happy World Wildlife Day everyone! The UN World Wildlife Day (WWD) is the global celebration of the beauty and diversity of wild animals and plants on our planet. It is also an occasion to raise awareness for the many benefits that conservation provides to both wildlife and people; and the current status of many threatened […]

Let It Grow for Urban Butterflies

A recent study on urban indicators for UK butterflies shows how relevant and important campaigns such as ‘Let It Grow’ are. When researching the 28 different species of butterfly found in the UK, it became clear that for all 28 species the abundance trends were negative in urban areas. Butterflies are also in decline in […]